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Our research group has just published a new paper in the Journal of Information Technology & Politics, focusing on how politically active young people are represented in user-generated content in the Czech Republic and Hungary. We use a child-centered approach to gain a better understanding of how young people are excluded from public discussions. Through our analysis, we found two ways in which young people are excluded: 1) by assigning them specific roles that are considered normal or expected, and 2) by labeling them as having unusual or unacceptable values. We highlight both similarities and differences in the two countries of Central and Eastern Europe, reflecting this region’s historico-political features.

The article can be accessed here: Soros’s soldiers, slackers, and pioneers with no expertise? Discursive exclusion of environmental youth activists from the digital public sphere in Hungary and Czechia

Photo credit: Death to Stock Photos

New article exploring the digital exclusion of environmental youth activists